Saturday, 26 March 2016

Walker Raising Funds For Emmaus South Wales

Hi, I’m Laura McGreevy, supporter and member of the Fundraising committee of emmaus South Wales. I have been working with this wonderful charity for two years now. I just had a very big birthday, so I thought this would be a good year to take on something immensely challenging. My husband Eamonn and friends Roger and Carol will join me on the South Wales Three Peaks Trial. 

If you wish to make a donation please ensure you are on Laura's Three Peaks page and not the main ESW page.


At Emmaus South Wales we are working together to end homelessness.

We know that overcoming homelessness often means more than a roof over your head. That is why Emmaus supports people to work their way out of homelessness, providing meaningful work as well a stable home for as long as someone needs it.

Emmaus was established by Abe Pierre, a Catholic priest who opened the first community in Paris in 1949. Since then this non-religious movement has grown to include more than 400 communities worldwide. There are presently 24 communities in England and Scotland. The very first community for South Wales was opened in early 2016 in Bridgend. 

Terry Waite, CBE, is the President of Emmaus, and the Duchess of Cornwall is our Royal Patron. 

We make a difference

The Emmaus story is really a story about ‘Companions’, as our residents are called. The reasons for their homelessness vary; relationship breakdown, substance abuse, poverty. But all Companions share a desire and drive to have a fresh start. At Emmaus they learn new skills, discover hidden talents and develop friendships, giving them a sense of self-worth and independence. Companions often credit Emmaus as a turning point in their lives. The point when they shifted from despair to hope. 

Everyone at Emmaus South Wales works together and makes a contribution to their community. This restores self-esteem and helps companions to find a positive way to move on with their lives. 

There is no limit to how long Companions can stay in an Emmaus Community. Some stay just long enough to get back on their feet. Others stay long term. 

Companions live by a few basic rules: All are expected to work to the best of their ability within the social enterprise. This may be working in one of the seven shops, driving a delivery truck or working within the community home. There is also a ‘no drinks, drugs, or violence’ rule. 

Emmaus currently runs seven charity shops throughout South Wales. These are in Bridgend (2), Maesteg, Neath, Porthcawl, Cowbridge and Aberdare. These not only provide work opportunities for our Companions, but also serve the local communities with affordable high quality goods. 

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