Sunday, 5 April 2015

Runner Michelle Kelly Does the 'TRIPLE' Gold Route!

Michelle on top of Skirrid on her third lap!

Last year Michelle Kelly from Abergavenny amazed everyone by doing 'two laps' of the Gold Route. This year she did the incredible and went round THREE times in an extraordinary 19 hours and 50 minutes!  This is a truly amazing achievement.
Michelle started at 02:30 on Saturday morning and with the support of family members who placed a number of glow sticks (which they removed afterwards) to guide her in the early darkness she eventually finished the gruelling feat at 21:20. Michelle was asked if she is tempted to try four times and Michelle said it would be possible for someone to do the route four times in 24 hours but it won't be her!

Also Michelle said the main reason for doing the challenge was in memory of her nephew who died last October. He worked for PGL and Michelle was keen to raise some funds for this organisation who help under-privalidged children experience the great outdoors and so far she's raised in excess of e£900.

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